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KenjiMoto Consulting is a consulting firm that specializes in providing Project/Construction Management services.  The goal of the firm is to obtain opportunities that will grow and fulfill both the company and the client’s needs.  Client satisfaction is paramount and all means will be utilized to achieve success. 

KenjiMoto Consulting’s approach and philosophy to project/construction  management is pretty straight forward.  Make sure that all the technical experts are tasked appropriately, are on the right path, know what their budgets and deadlines are.  Follow up, communicate, follow up and communicate with each of the technical leads to understand where they are in the construction or design and the approach they are taking.  In consideration of what the client needs in construction or design, incorporate any and all appropriate aspects the client requests.  If the request can not be accommodated, then discuss the issues with the client so we can reach a different conclusion to the issue and proceed.  Communication is key in any project/construction management approach, the continual coordination from the client to the administrators of the contract is important to a successful execution of any contract. 
Project/Construction Management/Project Controls on high profile projects. Methodical and detailed analyzing budgets and databases
· Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) M4M0025153 - Washington State
· Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) D4M0025153 - Federal
· Small Contractors and Suppliers (SCS) 690 - King County